Abalos Therapeutics

Abalos Therapeutics has harnessed the unique immune stimulation of the arenavirus to develop a novel anti-cancer approach that provides the full breadth of the immune system’s power specifically against cancer cells. Through viral replication within cancer cells, Abalos’ arenavirus-based drug candidates are designed to awake precise immune responses and activate all relevant immune cell types against primary tumors and metastases. Led by experienced biotech entrepreneurs and immunology pioneers, Abalos’ goal is to achieve a quantum leap in immuno-oncology.

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We would like to present one of our trail-blazing designs that have pushed the boundaries in Biotechs. The client’s name “Abalos” was chosen with regard to the arenavirus-based technology to fight cancer. The name of this virus family derives from the Latin “arena” for “sand” due to the grainy appearance of particles inside the virus when viewed in cross-section under the transmission electron microscope. Reflecting the “sandy” approach, we came upon the fascinating blue dunes of the Abalos region on the otherwise “red” Mars, a planet that has always held a special fascination, what was the perfect basis for logo and screen design development. To see more, follow the Link to Abalos Website on https://abalos-tx.com/