Podravka is Croatia’s best-known brand and a strong international leader in food business. The company is loved by consumers and recognized for its dedication in producing healthy, tasty, fresh and innovative products. Under the well know Podravka brand, the company offers a wide variety of products ranging from the flagship Vegeta spice to Lino lada duo Lino, Sweets, Cream spreads, with periodical updates of the assortment.

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Our goals

The overall goal was to create and implement a digital communication strategy to build awareness of the Podravka brand on the German market and thus achieve the following:

build a strong community based on the target audience
publish attractive content that engages
influence sales

By using Youtube Pre-roll ads, Google Display ads and Facebook advertising we started building Brand Awareness which led to steady growth of our social media community. Regular and highly targeted post on Facebook inspired users to associate Podravka with amazing gastronomy, tasty products and easy cooking for everyone.